30.01. 2007

Hey folks,

e wanna thank you for supporting us that numerous at our last show at Teh Einbaumoebel. And of course we wanna say thanks to our friends at Klubsirene for good sportsmanship and the incredible party! We really enjoyed playing for u guys and we hope to come back soon and to party even harder!!

Here's some pics of the show to freshen up your memory.

12.01. 2007

Well, well, well...

Long time no talk to you fellers and fillies, got some news for you..
The first officially confirmed gig in 2007, ladies and gentlemen! We're about to rock the up-and-coming
Klub Sirene party January 27th, live at the Einbaumöbel venue in Vienna.

Looking forward to getting back on stage, so paint your face and tog yourself, lads and lassies!

KNIFF 17 live @ Klub Sirene Party
SA, 27.1. 2007
1BM gürtelbogen 97
akh <-> alserstrasse
3,- €

Hmmmm, I see booze in our future!!

30.06. 2006

Big up and hooray for Ognion Boy. He sent us a midified elevator-style track, that sort of reminds of Electro M/F Die. Download Ognion's "Electro Midi Fucker" here or at the Plagiarism sight...

15.06. 2006

Wow folks, you are busy as the bees! Even 2 more transmittals for the plagiarism corner:

A female artist referred as "Nuul" created a stunning remix of "Electro M/F Die". Nuul is known for her skills in brewing and is the self-proclaimed chairperson of the "united states of european superanimals".

A dance-mix of "Hagemary" reached us. Composer "Kommandor Bollebub Plumpel" broke the secret of how he produces his beats: "Take a bottle of elder sirup, that hopefully has been brewn by a peasant with dirty fingers, wait a week or two and then open it carefully. The resulting bang is able to burst your eardrums!"

here for Nuuls masterpiece and here for Bollebubs "rehagemarried"


We are very thrilled by the coverversion of our "Fucked-up and sugared pancake" by Jake, which he sent us, as he claims "absolutely unintentionally", on this oddish date (06.06.06). Thanks very much Jake, your track is a one of a kind party smasher, and shure will make the girls melt away (during freaking out on the dancefloor). Wicked!
Here you are:
Fucked-up an sugared pan-jake

28.05. 2006

Thanks to everyone who managed to make it to the Replugged last night (and there were a fair number of you). We’re excited to have opened our this years's tour here at Vienna. More dates to come. Hope you had as much fun as we had. There are some pics of the gig in the Miscellany-section. Thanks again for making the show such a great success.

23.05. 2006

Another plagiarism reached our mailbox: the graphical impersonation of our soccer world championship hit "Maradonna". Have a look at it at the random fanpic rubric.

22.05. 2006

Yeah! The first plagiarisms reached our mailbox.
Rehchen X sent us a beautiful picture of trombone-god which can be viewed at the "random fanpic" rubric.
Duran Durandom sent us an awesome remix of "Aliens in Hawaii". We decided to feature the track on the new album. Click here to download the track or have a look in the plagiarism area.

18.05. 2006

Hello folks (and postfolks)!

We proudly announce that the mother of progressive voodoo-metal KNIFF 17 is back on stage after 3 years of hibernation. In the meantime we practiced a lot to keep the sound as good as it ever was.

Please take notice of our all new appearance: NEW (same old) SOUND, NEW CD, NEW HOMEPAGE and we are playing a show May 27th, 2006 at the „Replugged“ Vienna.
Kniff 17 is dead, long live Kniff 17, the „MILF of mercyless avantgarde trombo-core“

15.05. 2006

Hi everybody, blabla kniff17.com. Enjoy!

Next Dates:
SA, 27.1. 2007 | Einbaum÷bel - Vienna